Rexburg Motorsports fraud

Not resolved

I found a used diesel ClubCar at this outfit via their online ad. I had to drive from Salt Lake to pick up the vehicle on my way to our land in Nothern Idaho after work so I did not have much time to inspect it. I contacted them, and spoke with some steve and explained my situation. I explicitly asked if there was anything I needed to know about the UTV. Steve assured me that everything was in perfect shape, the vehicle belonged to a retired farmer who only put 34 hours on it. He also told me that it was fully inspected and serviced by them.

To make the long story short, when I arrived to the dealership, steve was not there so someone else "worked" with me. The shop was about to close, and I still had to pick up the trailer to take the UTV so I had to rely on [non-existent] personnel integrity.

It turned out that the hourmeter did not work so "34 hours" quoted by steve was in his imagination because the device actually showed (and still shows) 3.4. Obviously, the vehicle belonged to some hunting club rather than "retired farmer", and was heavily used. Those were the things that I noticed right away but real fun began later when I brought it to the final destination. All lug nuts had incorrect threads, and studs were damaged. At one point, parking brake failed and I was almost killed. When I took it apart, I found that one side rear brake had only one pin holding the pads, the second one - missing.

In other words, these people are as dishonest as auto dealers can possibly be.

There were other problems with the UTV that would've been uncovered if steve was not lying about the inspection and service.

I filed a complaint with BBB but they did not respond. I called service manager but he was not willing to discuss the issues.

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